Clown Car

Conjuration (Summoning)
Level: Arcane 4; Components: V, S, F; Casting Time: 1 minute; Range: 0 ft.; Effect: Extradimensional space within an enclosed vehicle capable of holding one creature per caster level; Duration: 1 hour/level; Saving Throw: None; Spell Resistance: No
You create a temporary extradimensional space within an enclosed passenger compartment of a vehicle. The spell cannot be cast on vehicles without enclosed passenger compartments, such as motorcycles. The extradimensional space allows the vehicle to hold a number of additional passengers equal to the caster's level. A passenger may be up to Large size and can bring up to a medium load into the extradimensional space; creatures with more than a medium load cannot enter the extradimensional space.
Creatures that enter the extradimensional space cannot interact with anything outside of the vehicle, nor can creatures outside the vehicle perceive or interact with the occupants and contents of the extradimensional space (or even see the extradimensional space itself). Creatures within the extradimensional space effectively occupy the same 5-footsquare and are incapable of making attacks while so contained.
Exiting the extradimensional space requires the passengers to physically exit the vehicle as well. If the vehicle is destroyed or the extradimensional space is successfully dispelled, the extradimensional space collapses. Any creatures or objects within the extradimensional space are ejected before the space implodes. Ejected creatures fall prone in squares adjacent to the vehicle.
Focus: A klaxon, which must be honked when the spell is cast.
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