Below are some examples of modern-day magical armor and shields.
Bulletproof Shirt
This light shirt provides the same protection as a +1 leather jacket. In addition, the wearer gains the benefits of a continuous protection from arrows/bullets spell (damage reduction 5/+1 against arrows, bullets, and crossbow bolts).
Type: Armor (magic); Caster Level: 3rd; Purchase DC: 22; Weight: 1 lb.
Riot Shield of Fear
Introduced by police forces that employ magical gear, this riot shield provides an enhancement bonus to Defense (+1 to +3). At its wielder's command, the shield can also cast cause fear three times per day as a 3rd-level Acolyte.
Type: Armor (magic); Caster Level: 3rd; Purchase DC: 26 (+1), 31 (+2), 36 (+3); Weight: 6 lb.
Scalemail of the Dragon
This suit, which weighs half as much as a normal suit of scalemail, provides an enhancement bonus to Defense (+1 to +3). In addition, the armor has an arcane spell failure chance of 10%, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +6, and no armor penalty. Speed while wearing scalemail of the dragon is 30 feet for Medium creatures and 20 feet for Small creatures.
Type: Armor (magic); Caster Level: 7th; Purchase DC: 33 (+1), 38 (+2), 43 (+3); Weight: 15 lb.


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Magic Armor And Shield Special Abilities
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