Full Attack (Full Atk)

A creature that takes no more than a 5-foot step during its turn can make a full attack using all of its natural weapons. A creature's full attack includes both its primary attack and its secondary attacks (if any).
The primary attack bonus includes modifications for size and Strength (for melee attacks) or Dexterity (for ranged attacks). A creature with the Weapon Finesse feat can use its Dexterity modifier on melee attacks. A creature's primary attack damage includes its full Strength modifier (1.5 times its Strength bonus if it is the creature's sole attack or if the creature is wielding a two-handed melee weapon).
The remaining weapons are secondary attacks and take a -5 penalty on attack rolls. Creatures with the Multiattack feat (see Feats, below) take only a -2 penalty on secondary attacks. Secondary attacks add only one-half the creature's Strength bonus to the damage.
Creatures that do not normally carry ranged weapons are still given a ranged attack bonus for situations in which they might be throwing objects at a target.