Natural Weapons

Natural weapons include teeth, claws, horns, and the like. The number of attacks along with the weapon, attack bonus, and form of attack (melee or ranged) are provided in a creature's entry. Unless noted otherwise, natural weapons threaten critical hits on a natural attack roll of 20.
If any attacks also cause some special effect other than damage, that information is given along with the damage. Unless noted otherwise, creatures deal double damage on critical hits.
Natural weapons have types just as other weapons do. The most common types are summarized below.
Bite: The creature attacks with its mouth, dealing piercing damage.
Claw or Rake: The creature rips with a sharp appendage, dealing slashing damage.
Gore: The creature spears the opponent with an antler, horn, or similar appendage, dealing piercing damage.
Slap or Slam: The creature batters opponents with an appendage, dealing bludgeoning damage.
Sting: The creature stabs with a stinger, dealing piercing dam-age. Stings are usually poisoned.
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