Wire Walk

Conjuration (Teleporting)
Level: Arcane 4; Components: V; Casting Time: Attack action; Range: Personal and touch; Target: You and touched objects or other touched willing creatures weighing up to 25 lb./level; Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throw: None and Will negates (object); Spell Resistance: No and yes (object)
You and any other objects or creatures targeted by the spell teleport instantly to the location of a telephone you call. The telephone must be answered; the spell only works over an open line. You arrive adjacent to the device (within 5 feet of it), and any other creatures transported by the spell appear next to you.
For example, you might use a cell phone to call home. As soon as anyone answers the phone (including an answering machine), you could use the spell to teleport home. Willing subjects of the spell (and the objects they carry) need not make a saving throw, nor does spell resistance apply in this instance.