These weapons explode or burst, dealing damage to creatures or objects within an area.
Explosives can be thrown or set off in place, depending on the type of explosive device. Dynamite and hand grenades are examples of these weapons.
All explosives must be detonated. Some, such as grenades, include built-in detonators. (Pulling the pin on a grenade is a free action.) Others require timers or other devices to set them off. Detonators are covered in Weapon Accessories.
A splash weapon is a projectile that bursts on impact, spewing its contents over an area and damaging any creature or object within that area. Generally, creatures directly hit by splash weapons take the most damage, while those nearby take less damage. Splash weapons usually must be thrown to have effect.
Explosives and splash weapons require no feat to use with proficiency unless they are fired or propelled from some sort of launcher or other device, in which case the appropriate Weapon Proficiency feat for the launcher is necessary to avoid the -4 nonproficient penalty.


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