Acquiring a Character Class

A creature that acquires a character class follows the rules for multiclass characters. The creature's character level equals its Hit Dice plus the number of character class levels it has. Creatures with 1 or fewer Hit Dice count only their character class levels.
Size: Adding character classes to a creature never affects its size.
Skills: Creatures that take levels of a character class do not gain as many skill points as a human character of the same class. Creatures get 4 fewer skill points at 1st level than a human character and 1 fewer skill point each level thereafter; see Table: Skill Points per Class Level for Nonhumans.
Feats: Creatures with 1 or fewer Hit Dice that acquire character class levels advance as human characters do, but they gain only one bonus feat at 1st level instead of two.
Talents and Abilities
Creatures that advance by character class gain special talents and abilities, which are noted here.
Table: Skill Points per Class Level for Nonhumans
Basic Class Skill Points per Level 1
Strong 2 + Int modifier
Fast 4 + Int modifier
Tough 2 + Int modifier
Smart 8 + Int modifier
Dedicated 4 + Int modifier
Charismatic 6 + Int modifier
Advanced Class Skill Points per Level
Soldier 4 + Int modifier
Martial Artist 2 + Int modifier
Gunslinger 4 + Int modifier
Infiltrator 6 + Int modifier
Daredevil 4 + Int modifier
Bodyguard 2 + Int modifier
Field Scientist 6 + Int modifier
Techie 6 + Int modifier
Field Medic 4 + Int modifier
Investigator 4 + Int modifier
Personality 4 + Int modifier
Negotiator 4 + Int modifier
Campaign-Specific Advanced Class Skill Points per Level
Mage 6 + Int modifier
Acolyte 4+ Int modifier
Shadow Slayer 2+ Int modifier
Occultist 4+ Int modifier
Telepath 4+ Int modifier
Battle Mind 2+ Int modifier
1Humanoids with 1 or fewer Hit Dice advance as human characters do. At 1st level, multiply the number of skill points per level by 4.