Knowledge does not possess an epic usage.
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Agent RetrieverAtropalBehemoth
ChichimecCosmic DescryerCraft Epic Magic Arms And Armor [Item Creation][Epic]
Craft Epic Rod [Item Creation][Epic]Craft Epic Staff [Item Creation][Epic]Craft Epic Wondrous Item [Item Creation][Epic]
DemilichDeveloping Epic SpellsDivine Emissary
Dragon Wild Shape [Wild][Epic]Dragon,EpicDream Larva
Efficient Item Creation [Epic]Epic Dragon DiscipleEpic Psionic Seeds
Epic Rod DescriptionsEpic Spell DescriptionsEpic Spell Formulas And Calculations
Epic Spell TermsEpic Spellcasting [Epic]Epic Spellcasting
Forge Epic Ring [Item Creation][Epic]Gibbering OrbHa-Naga
HecatoncheiresHigh ProselytizerHoary Hunter
Legendary Tracker [Epic]LeshayMagical Beast Companion [Wild][Epic]
Magical Beast Wild Shape [Wild][Epic]MercaneMu Spore
Neh-Thalggu (Brain Collector)Origin Of Species: AchaieraiPerfect Wight
PhaethonPhanePlant Wild Shape [Wild][Epic]
Psicrystal PowerScribe Epic Scroll [Item Creation][Epic]Seed: Heal
Seed: LifeShadow Of The VoidTime Duplicate
Titan,ElderTreant,ElderUnion Sentinel
UvuudaumVermin Wild Shape [Wild][Epic]Vermiurge
WinterwightWorm That WalksXixecal
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