All powers have a Power Points line, indicating the power's cost.
The psionic character class tables show how many power points a character has access to each day, depending on level.
A power's cost is determined by its level, as shown below. Every power's cost is noted in its description for ease of reference.
Table: Power Points by Power Level
Power Level
Power Point Cost
Power Point Limit: Some powers allow you to spend more than their base cost to achieve an improved effect, or augment the power. The maximum number of points you can spend on a power (for any reason) is equal to your manifester level.
XP Cost (XP): On the same line that the power point cost of a power is indicated, the power's experience point cost, if any, is noted. Particularly powerful effects entail an experience point cost to you. No spell or power can restore XP lost in this manner. You cannot spend so much XP that you lose a level, so you cannot manifest a power with an XP cost unless you have enough XP to spare. However, you can, on gaining enough XP to attain a new level, use those XP for manifesting a power rather than keeping them and advancing a level. The XP are expended when you manifest the power, whether or not the manifestation succeeds.
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FissionForce Of WillForce Screen
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