The character can identify properties of a magic item.
DC Task
50 + caster level Identify basic property of magic item
70 + caster level Identify all properties of magic item
50 Quick identification of alchemical substances and potions
Identify Basic Property of Magic Item: This use of the skill requires one round of inspection, and functions exactly as if the character had cast an identify spell on the item. A character can't attempt this on the same item more than once.
Identify All Properties of Magic Item: This requires one minute of inspection, and reveals all properties of a single magic item (including command words and charges remaining). A character can't attempt this on the same item more than once. If an item has different caster levels for different properties, use the highest caster level.
Quick Identification: A character can identify a substance or potion in the field as a full-round action, without an alchemical lab or any cost. The character can't retry this check (or take 20); if he or she fails, the character must identify the substance in an alchemical lab, as normal.
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