Robots are manufactured, remote-controlled constructs powered by batteries. These highly useful machines come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be fitted with tools or weapons. Techies create robots-for rules on this process, refer to the Techie advanced class.
Species Traits
Construct: Robots have the traits and immunities common to constructs.
Speed: A robot's speed depends on its size and method of locomotion (bipedal, quadrupedal, tracked, or wheeled). The different speeds are given with each robot's statistics (below).
Attacks: A robot is not normally equipped with weapons. Robots fitted with arms or similar manipulators can attempt to grapple things, but only robots of Medium-size or larger can use their manipulators to deal damage.
Skills: A character with four or more levels in the Techie advanced class can program one or more ranks of a single skill into a robot; otherwise, the robot has no skills.
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