You are adept at creating mastercraft electronic and mechanical devices (including tools, vehicles, weapons, robot manipulators, and armor).
Prerequisites: Craft (electrical) 8 ranks, Craft (mechanical) 8 ranks.
Benefit: When successfully completed, a mastercraft electronic or mechanical object provides an equipment bonus on skill checks made to use the object (in the case of mastercraft vehicles, this includes Drive or Pilot checks). A mastercraft weapon provides a bonus on attack or damage rolls (your choice). A mastercraft suit of armor improves the armor's equipment bonus to Defense. In each case, the bonus can be +1, +2, or +3, and no single object can have more than one mastercraft feature. (For instance, you cannot build a mastercraft weapon that gains a bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls.)
On average, it takes twice as long to build a mastercraft object as it does to build an ordinary object of the same type. The cost to build a mastercraft object is equal to the purchase DC for the object (or its components) + the bonus provided by the mastercraft feature (+1, +2, or +3).
In addition to the Wealth check, you must also pay a cost in experience points equal to 250 x the bonus provided by the mastercraft feature. The experience points must be paid before making the Craft check. If the expenditure of these experience points would drop you below the minimum needed for your current level, then the experience points can't be paid and you can't make the mastercraft object until you have sufficient experience points to remain at your current level after the expenditure is made.
Apply the following modifiers to the Craft check DC for mastercraft items:
Mastercraft Feature
DC Modifier
Mastercraft (+1)
Mastercraft (+2)
Mastercraft (+3)
You can add the mastercraft feature to an existing ordinary object or a lower-grade mastercraft object by making a Wealth check and then making the Craft check as though you were constructing the object from scratch.
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