Drive (Dex)

Check: Routine tasks, such as ordinary driving, don't require a skill check. Make a check only when some unusual circumstance exists (such as inclement weather or an icy surface), or when the character is driving during a dramatic situation (the character is being chased or attacked, for example, or is trying to reach a destination in a limited amount of time). When driving, the character can attempt simple maneuvers or stunts. See Driving a Vehicle for more details.
Try Again?: Most driving checks have consequences for failure that make trying again impossible.
Special: A character can take 10 when driving, but can't take 20.
A character with the Vehicle Expert feat gets a +2 bonus on all Drive checks.
There is no penalty for operating a general-purpose motor vehicle. Other types of motor vehicles (heavy wheeled, powerboat, sailboat, ship, and tracked) require the corresponding Surface Vehicle Operation feat, or the character takes a -4 penalty on Drive checks.
Time: A Drive check is a move action.
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