Simple Maneuvers

During a vehicle's movement, the driver can perform any one of the following maneuvers.
45-Degree Turn: Any vehicle can make a simple 45-degree turn as part of its movement. The vehicle must move forward at least a number of squares equal to its turn number (shown on Table: Vehicle Speeds and Modifiers) before it can turn. Making a 45-degree turn costs 1 square of movement.
Ram: At character scale, a driver does not have to perform a maneuver to ram another vehicle-he or she only needs to drive his or her vehicle into the other vehicle's square, and a collision occurs (see Collisions and Ramming).
At chase scale, however, more than one vehicle can occupy the same square and not collide-so ramming another vehicle requires a simple maneuver. The driver moves his or her vehicle into the other vehicle's square and states that he or she is attempting to ram. Resolve the ram as a collision, except that the driver of the target vehicle can make a Reflex save (DC 15) to reduce the damage to both vehicles by half.
Sideslip: A driver might wish to move to the side without changing the vehicle's facing, for instance to change lanes. This simple maneuver, called a sideslip, allows a vehicle to avoid obstacles or weave in and out of traffic without changing facing. A sideslip moves a vehicle 1 square forward and 1 square to the right or left, and costs 3 squares of movement.
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