Hide and Seek

When being pursued, a driver can attempt a Hide check to lose the pursuer in heavy traffic, or a Bluff check to misdirect the pursuer before turning onto an off-ramp or a side street.
To make a Hide check, use the normal rules for hiding (see the Hide skill description). The normal size modifiers apply, but because the driver is hiding among other vehicles, most of which are size Large or Huge, he or she gains a +8 bonus on the check. This use of the Hide skill can only be attempted in fairly heavy traffic; in lighter traffic, the GM might not allow it or might apply a penalty to the check.
A driver can use Bluff to make a pursuer think he or she is going a different direction from what the driver intends. Just before making a turn onto an off-ramp or side street, make a Bluff check opposed by the pursuer's Sense Motive check. If the driver is successful, the pursuer takes a -5 penalty on any Drive check needed to make the turn to follow the driver. If the other driver can make the turn using only simple maneuvers and does not have to make a Drive check, the Bluff attempt has no effect.