Driving a Vehicle

Driving a vehicle is a move action, taken by the vehicle's driver. During his or her move action, the driver moves the vehicle a number of squares that falls within its speed category. The driver can attempt maneuvers to change the vehicle's course or speed. These maneuvers can be attempted at any point along the vehicle's route. The driver can choose to use his or her attack action to attempt additional maneuvers.
The two kinds of vehicle movement are simple maneuvers and stunts.
Simple Maneuvers: A simple maneuver, such as a 45-degree turn, is easy to perform. Each is a free action and can be taken as many times as the driver likes while he or she moves the vehicle. However, simple maneuvers do cost movement-so a vehicle that makes a lot of simple maneuvers will not get as far as one going in a straight line. Simple maneuvers do not require the driver to make skill checks.
Stunts: Stunts are difficult and sometimes daring maneuvers that enable a driver to change his or her vehicle's speed or heading more radically than a simple maneuver allows. A stunt is a move action. It can be taken as part of a move action to control the vehicle, and a second stunt can be attempted in lieu of the driver's attack action. Stunts always require Drive checks.
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