Handle Animal

The character can handle creatures other than animals, and can teach or train in much less time than normally required.
Task Time DC
Rear magical beast 1 year 30 + HD of magical beast
Train magical beast 2 months 40 + HD of magical beast
Rear vermin 6 months 35 + HD of vermin
Train vermin 2 months 50 + HD of vermin
Rear other creature Varies 40 + HD of creature
Train other creature 2 months 60 + HD of creature
Reduce Teaching/Training to . . .
DC Modifier
1 month
1 day
1 hour
1 minute
Reduce Teaching/Training: Normally, teaching or training a creature requires two months of time. A character can accelerate the process of teaching or training a creature, reducing the time required to the listed time, by adding the DC modifier to the base DC for teaching or training the creature. A character can't reduce the required time to less than 1 minute.
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Charisma (Cha)
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