The character has trained his or her mind to ignore poison, resist mental influence, and convince his or her body that he or she is tougher than normal.
DC Task
Poison's DC + 5 When poisoned, the character can make an Autohypnosis check on his or her next action. A successful check indicates the character does not have to make a saving throw against the poison's secondary damage, which he or she instead automatically ignores.
50 If a failed saving throw indicates the character is affected by any mind-affecting powers, spells, or spell-like effects, a successful Autohypnosis check allows an immediate second saving throw to resist the effect. If the mind-affecting effect normally does not allow a saving throw, a successful Autohypnosis check allows a saving throw.
60 With a successful Autohypnosis check, the character gains temporary hit points equal to 10 + his or her Wisdom modifier. The temporary hit points persist until lost. A character cannot check for temporary hit points more than once per day. Temporary hit points gained through Autohypnosis do not stack with temporary hit points gained through any other source
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