Any feat designated as a fighter feat can be selected as a fighter's bonus feat. This designation does not restrict characters of other classes from selecting these feats, assuming that they meet any prerequisites.
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Blind-FightCleaveCombat Expertise
Combat ReflexesDeflect ArrowsDodge
Exotic Weapon ProficiencyFar ShotFighter
Great CleaveGreater Two-Weapon FightingGreater Weapon Focus
Greater Weapon SpecializationImproved Bull RushImproved Critical
Improved DisarmImproved FeintImproved Grapple
Improved InitiativeImproved OverrunImproved Precise Shot
Improved Shield BashImproved SunderImproved Trip
Improved Two-Weapon FightingImproved Unarmed StrikeManyshot
MobilityMounted ArcheryMounted Combat
Point Blank ShotPower AttackPrecise Shot
Quick DrawRapid ReloadRapid Shot
Ride-By AttackShot On The RunSnatch Arrows
Spirited ChargeSpring AttackStunning Fist
TrampleTwo-Weapon DefenseTwo-Weapon Fighting
Weapon FinesseWeapon FocusWeapon Specialization
Whirlwind Attack
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