Booby Trapped

Those characters with a more paranoid outlook on life may consider the booby trapped gadget for protecting their personal belongings. Any weapon with this gadget is designed to function properly only for the owner or owners of the weapon, or for a particular group of characters. If an unauthorized character picks up or attempts to use the weapon, a special trap is immediately triggered. After a trap is triggered, only an authorized user can reset the weapon to its normal state. When selecting the booby trap gadget, the character must designate a single person or a particular group that can use the weapon safely without triggering the trap. Additionally, the character must select a single trap from the list below.
Barbs: The weapon rapidly projects spikes or blades from its grip, dealing 1d6 points of damage to the user each round the weapon is held.
Electric Shock: Power cells in the weapon's grip discharge and deal 1d6 points of electricity damage to the user.
Stun Bolt: A stun shock (Fortitude save DC 15) is discharged from a special nozzle built into the weapon. See the stun module gadget for more information on the effects of stun shocks.
Trigger Integrated Weapon: An integrated weapon is triggered and targets the unauthorized user. This trap requires that the weapon make use of the alternate weapon gadget (see above) and is typically used to trigger an explosive device.
Restrictions: None.
Purchase DC Modifier: +6.