Integrated Weapon

Some armors are designed with specific combat purposes in mind and build in certain weapons as standard equipment. Examples run from a pair of pop-out wrist blades to shoulder-mounted plasma cannons. Additionally, many armors link their weapons to integrated heads-up displays, turning the user into a walking combat machine.
When selecting the integrated weapon gadget, choose a single weapon. That weapon is integrated into the base armor and can be used at any time. Additionally, you must choose whether or not the weapon may be physically separated from the base armor or not at the time of purchase. This gadget may be selected multiple times, each time adding a single additional weapon to the base armor.
Restrictions: The character must also purchase the weapon to be integrated separately from the base armor, before the gadget modification is made.
Purchase DC Modifier: See text.

Storage Compartment

A simple but often overlooked modification that can be of great benefit in almost any situation is the ability to store and carry small items in a safe place. The storage compartment gadget accomplishes just that, incorporating an empty space where other objects can be carried by the wearer with relative ease. Each storage compartment gadget allows the wearer to carry two items of size Small or smaller in a container built into the armor. This gadget may be taken multiple times, each time providing another compartment where small items may be carried.
Restrictions: None.
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.

Techno-Organic Makeup

Though the technology of Earth is based on electronics and mechanics, some alien cultures may have developed technology based on living organisms working in harmony for an intended purpose. Additionally, advanced civilizations may make use of certain biological forms of technology integrated with their own mechanical devices to form a techno-organic hybrid capable of performing certain tasks with increased efficiency.
An armor with the techno-organic makeup gadget is composed of living tissue or a biological/mechanical hybrid material. Unlike normal armors, armor with this gadget heals itself at a rate of one hit point per hour when damaged. Additionally, armor with this gadget is susceptible to diseases and poisons specifically designed to target techno-organic material.
Restrictions: None.
Purchase DC Modifier: +4.
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