Alternate Weapon

Some weapons are capable of serving multiple purposes by integrating two types of weapon into one. This can encompass everything from having a bayonet installed on a rifle to allowing a weapon to switch between two different energy types at any given time. When dealing with firearms and other ranged weapons, this usually involves only mixing like types; for example, energy weapons are only combined with energy weapons, and ballistic weapons are only combined with ballistic weapons. This is not a hard-and-fast limitation but rather a suggestion based on the logistics of designing such a weapon. When selecting the alternate weapon gadget, choose a second weapon. That weapon is integrated into the base weapon and can be used at any time. Additionally, you must choose whether or not the alternate weapon may be physically separated from the base weapon or not at the time of purchase. This gadget may be selected multiple times, each time adding a single additional weapon to the base model.
Restrictions: The character must also purchase the weapon to be integrated separately from the primary weapon, before the gadget modification is made.
Purchase DC Modifier: +4.
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