Each square in starship scale measures 500 feet along a side (instead of 5 feet, as in character-scale combat). All starships, regardless of size, have a square fighting space. Some starships occupy a single 500-foot square, while others have a larger fighting space, as noted below.
An ultralight starship can be up to 250 feet long. It occupies a 250-foot-by-250-foot fighting space, and up to four ultralight starships can occupy a single 500-foot square.
A light starship measures 251-500 feet in length. It has a 500-foot-by-500-foot fighting space and occupies a single 500-foot square.
A mediumweight starship measures 501-1,000 feet in length. It occupies a 1,000-foot-by-1,000-foot fighting space (4 500-foot squares).
A heavy starship measures 1,001-1,500 feet long. It has a 1,500-foot-by-1,500-foot fighting space (9 500-foot squares).
A superheavy starship is 1,501 feet long or longer. The smallest superheavy starships (measuring 1,501-2,000 feet long) have a 2,000-foot-by-2,000-foot fighting space (16 500-foot squares), although larger fighting spaces are possible.