Vehicle Combat Actions

Actions during vehicle combat are handled the same way as actions during personal combat. In general, a character can take two move actions, one move action and one attack action, or one full-round action in a round. Free actions can be performed normally, in conjunction with another action.
Free Actions: Communicating orders is a free action. Characters can perform as many free actions as the GM permits in a single round.
Move Actions: Changing position within a vehicle is usually a move action, especially if the character has to trade places with another character. If the character's movement is short and unobstructed, the character can do it as the equivalent of a 5-foot step. Otherwise, it requires a move action.
Attack Actions: Anyone aboard a vehicle can make an attack with a personal weapon, and drivers and gunners can make attacks with any vehicle-mounted weapons controlled from their positions.
Full-Round Actions: Since the driver must use a move action to control the vehicle, he or she can't take a full-round action unless he or she starts it in one round and completes it on his or her next turn (see Start/Complete Full-Round Action).