Declaring Speed

At the beginning of his or her action, a driver must declare his or her speed category for the round. The driver can choose to go one category faster or slower than the vehicle's speed category at the end of the previous round. A stationary vehicle can change to alley speed in either forward or reverse. Most vehicles cannot go faster than alley speed in reverse.
Stationary: The vehicle is motionless.
Alley Speed: This speed is used for safely maneuvering a vehicle in tight spaces, such as alleys and parking garages. It tops out at about the speed a typical person can run.
Street Speed: The vehicle is traveling at a moderate speed, up to about 35 miles per hour.
Highway Speed: The vehicle is moving at a typical highway speed, from about 35 to 80 miles per hour.
All-Out: The vehicle is traveling extremely fast, more than 80 miles per hour.