Operating a Bicycle

Operating a bicycle uses the same rules as any other vehicle, but with a few special rules:
• Operating a bicycle uses the Balance skill instead of Drive, but is otherwise treated the same when using the Vehicle rules.
• A bicycle can only reach a maximum of street speed and doing so requires a full-round action, unless going down a significant downward slope (GM's discretion).
The rider must use a full-round action to climb up a significant slope and can only move a maximum of alley speed on such an action. • After every hour of strenuous riding, the rider must make a Constitution check or become fatigued for 1d10 minutes per hour of riding.
• It is a free action to get on or off a bicycle.
• All attacks made from a bicycle suffer a -2 penalty. The rider cannot use any weapons that require both hands.
• Bicycles are Small vehicles, granting a +1 bonus to Initiative, maneuver modifier, and Defense (the size modifier is already included in the vehicle statistics on Table: Vehicles.)
• Bicycle tires have 2 hit points each.
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General Purpose Bicycles
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