As with armor, magic and psionic weapons have enhancement bonuses. The enhancement bonus applies both to attack rolls and damage rolls when the weapon is used in combat. All magic weapons and psionic weapons are considered mastercraft items, but a weapon's mastercraft bonus does not stack with its enhancement bonus.
In addition to an enhancement bonus, weapons may have special qualities. A weapon with a special quality must have a +1 or better enhancement bonus.
Fully 30% of magic or psionic weapons shed light in a 20-foot radius. These glowing weapons cannot be concealed when drawn, nor can their light be shut off.
If a weapon has a special quality that the user needs to activate, then the user must speak a command word (an attack action).
Purchase DC: To calculate the purchase DC for a weapon with an enchantment bonus but no special qualities, use the following table.
Enhancement Bonus
Purchase DC Modifier
Weapons with special qualities have an additional purchase DC modifier, as noted under each item entry.
Examples of weapons with special qualities include the following.