Variable Charge

As with the stun module gadget, the variable charge gadget takes advantage of an energy weapon's ability to modify the damage caused by its own shots. This gadget gives the user the ability to "power up" his or her shots by focusing more energy into a single blast. A weapon with the variable charge gadget may be primed as an attack action, increasing the damage of its next shot by +1 die. For example, a weapon that normally deals 2d6 points of damage deals 3d6 points of damage after being primed for one round. A weapon may be primed for up to three rounds. If primed for more than three rounds, it becomes unstable; on the fourth round the weapon must be fired or else it explodes and deals the fully charged damage (normal weapon damage, +4 dice) to the user. When this occurs, the weapon is completely destroyed.
Restrictions: Ranged energy weapons only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +6.
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