Genetic Tags

Some law enforcement agencies and military units go out of their way to track the exact actions of their members by placing an identifying marker on any ammunition expended. This marker may come in the form of a serial number stamped on a weapon's casing, or may be as subtle as a chemical compound sprayed on the outside of the ammunition it leaves the weapon's chamber. Regardless of form, each round of ammunition that is fired from the weapon bears a unique tag that corresponds to the genetic code of the person to whom the weapon is assigned, immediately identifying the attacker to any forensic analysis.
Restrictions: Ranged ballistic weapons only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +2.

Integrated Equipment

A particular piece of nonweapon equipment has been integrated into the weapon and can be used by the weapon's bearer at any time. This gadget is often used to give ranged weapons features like glow-lamps or flares, though it is not limited to those applications. Some weapons may use the integrated equipment gadget to incorporate a small computer or sensor module, reducing the amount of equipment the character has to carry.
When selecting the integrated equipment gadget, choose a piece of equipment. That equipment is integrated into the base weapon and can be used at any time. Additionally, you must choose whether or not the equipment may be physically separated from the base weapon or not at the time of purchase. This gadget may be selected multiple times, each time adding a single additional piece of equipment to the base model.
Restrictions: The character must also purchase the piece of equipment to be integrated separately from the weapon, before the gadget modification is made.
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.


By eliminating wasted space and using microscopic components, some engineers are capable of producing weapons vastly smaller than normal. Any weapon that makes use of the miniaturized gadget is two size categories smaller than normal, to a minimum size of Diminutive.
A weapon to which the miniaturized gadget has been added cannot fire standard ammunition. It must fire appropriate ammunition modified by the miniaturized universal equipment gadget.
This gadget can only be added to ranged weapons, as most melee weapons rely on size and mass to deliver damage.
Restrictions: Ranged weapons only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +5.