For the character who doesn't want to be bogged down by more cumbersome armor types, a leather garment or some sort of concealable armor is just the ticket.
Leather Jacket
This armor is represented by a heavy leather biker's jacket. A number of other impromptu armors, such as a football pads and a baseball catcher's pads, offer similar protection and game statistics.
Leather Armor
This archaic armor consists of a breastplate made of thick, lacquered leather, along with softer leather coverings for other parts of the body.
Light Undercover Shirt
Designed for deep undercover work in which it's critical that the wearer not appear to be armed or armored, this garment consists of a T-shirt with a band of light protective material sewn in around the lower torso.
Pull-Up Pouch Vest
This garment, consisting of a torso apron of light protective material held up by a loop around the neck, can be stored in an innocuous fanny pack. Deploying the apron is a move action. This garment provides no equipment bonus (and has no armor penalty or maximum Dexterity bonus) when undeployed.
Undercover Vest
Covering a larger area of the torso, this vest provides better protection than the light undercover shirt-but it's also more easily noticed. It's best used when the armor should remain unseen but the wearer doesn't expect to face much scrutiny, granting a +2 bonus on Spot checks to notice the armor.
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