Craft (structural) (Int)

This skill allows a character to build wooden, concrete, or metal structures from scratch, including bookcases, desks, walls, houses, and so forth, and includes such handyman skills as plumbing, house painting, drywall, laying cement, and building cabinets.
Type of Scratch-Built Structure (Examples)
Purchase DC
Craft DC
Simple (bookcase, false wall)
12 hr.
Moderate (catapult, shed, house deck)
24 hr.
Complex (bunker, domed ceiling)
60 hr.
Advanced (house)
600 hr.
When building a structure from scratch, the character describes the kind of structure he or she wants to construct; then the Gamemaster decides if the structure is simple, moderate, complex, or advanced in scope and difficulty.
Special: A character without a mechanical tool kit takes a -4 penalty on Craft (structural) checks.
A character with the Builder feat gets a +2 bonus on all Craft (structural) checks.
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