Difficulty Class

Some checks are made against a Difficulty Class (DC). The DC is a number set by the GM (using the skill rules as a guideline) that a character must attain to succeed.
Table: Difficulty Class Examples
Difficulty (DC) Example (Skill Used)
Very easy (0) Notice something large in plain sight (Spot)
Easy (5) Climb a knotted rope (Climb)
Average (10) Hear an approaching security guard (Listen)
Tough (15) Disarm an explosive (Demolitions)
Challenging (20) Swim against a strong current (Swim)
Formidable (25) Break into a secure computer system (Computer Use)
Heroic (30) Leap across a 30-foot chasm (Jump)
Superheroic (35) Convince the guards that even though you're not wearing an ID badge and aren't on their list, they should let you into the building (Bluff)
Nearly impossible (40) Track a trained commando through the forests of Brazil on a moonless night after 12 days of rainfall (Survival)
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