General Purpose Aircraft

There are many models of civilian aircraft-from single-engine propeller planes to jumbo jets. All use the Pilot skill to operate.
Maulle M-7-260C Seaplane
The Maulle M-7-260C seaplane has a fast cruise speed and low stall speed, making it ideal for water landings. With twin pontoons instead of wheels, landing a seaplane on anything but water would be disastrous. A seaplane is six squares wide and six squares long.
Ultralights are essentially powered hang gliders. An ultralight only requires 100 feet or so to land and take off, depending on wind conditions. It is small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck when disassembled. It takes 15 minutes to disassemble an ultralight and 30 minutes to assemble it. An ultralight is two squares wide and two squares long. The vehicle is very fragile and provides no cover to its pilot.