Science is not a process that happens quickly, although key developments often happen accidentally, reshaping the knowledge base overnight. Performing basic experiments in genetic manipulation realistically would take a researcher months (and more likely years) of effort. However, once the scientific groundwork is laid, tests and procedures can be attempted more rapidly.
In general, testing any single hypothesis about a procedure, or discovering the effects of performing a specific genetic modification, requires 3d10 days and a successful Research check. The DC for this check should be no lower than 20 and can be as high as the GM prefers. Scientific research is painstaking and even experiments based on solid theories must often be attempted several times before providing a conclusive result.
If the GM is running a more cinematic campaign where scientists develop theories and produce solutions in quick succession, she may opt to change the time required to 3d10 hours and the Research DC to a minimum of 15.
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