The gadget system is a way to customize weapons, armor, and equipment to more appropriately fit a given campaign or character. Since each campaign will likely use very different items based on its unique setting, the gadget system allows total freedom in designing specific models of equipment from the generic base items found throughout this chapter.
Using the gadget system is a simple matter of mixing and matching various elements of a piece of gear until it fits what is needed.
First, pick a base weapon, armor, or piece of equipment to be modified. Select a gadget for the appropriate type (armor gadgets for armor, and so on) that is either a universal gadget or a gadget from the same (or lower) Progress Level. Modify the Purchase DC of the base item according to the gadget's instructions, and then purchase the gadget-modified item as normal. Some gadgets have additional restrictions placed on them that must be considered before making the gadget modification.
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