Scope, Rangefinding Laser

One of the most valuable additions to any weapon is a scope, allowing the bearer to target opponents farther away than normal. What makes the rangefinding laser scope gadget so valuable is that it serves two purposes. First, a weapon with this gadget increases its range increment by one-half (multiply by 1.5). Additionally, the scope also sends out an invisible laser that can determine the exact range to a target, and then relay that information via a computer link. If that information is relayed to another weapon with the rangefinding laser scope gadget targeting the same character or object, the second attacker gains a +1 equipment bonus on his first attack roll against the target. This allows multiple characters with rangefinding laser scope gadgets to triangulate the exact position of a target and ensures greater accuracy.
Restrictions: Ranged weapons only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.
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Information Age Weapons
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