Environment Seal

Since many armors are designed with a particular environment in
mind, this gadget provides the wearer protection from harsh conditions.
The environment seal gadget transforms any armor into a
stable and insulated artificial environment. This provides the wearer
with the right amount of breathable air and external pressure to
assure comfort and survival for up to eight hours, ensuring that the
armor can function in the extremes of the deep sea or deep space,
along with any environment in between. Only certain types of armor
can handle this modification and those that do usually integrate a
sealed helmet, body glove, and emergency air tanks to generate
internal atmosphere.
Restrictions: Medium, heavy, or powered armor only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +4.

Integrated Equipment

A particular piece of nonweapon equipment has been integrated into the armor and can be used by the armor's wearer at any time. This gadget is often used to add features such as glow-lamps or duracable to armor, though it is not limited to those applications. Indeed, some armors are intended to make their wearers into independent one-person armies, and sport a dozen or more such equipment integrations.
When selecting the integrated equipment gadget, choose a piece of equipment. That equipment is integrated into the base armor and can be used at any time. Additionally, you must choose whether or not the equipment may be physically separated from the base armor or not at the time of purchase. This gadget may be selected multiple times, each time adding a single additional piece of equipment to the base model.
Restrictions: The character must also purchase the piece of equipment to be integrated separately from the armor, before the
gadget modification is made.
Purchase DC Modifier: +2.