What is Inside a Police Cruiser

Police vehicles vary in terms of what equipment they carry, depending on whether they belong to state, county, or city precincts. Despite this, there is enough similarity to assume that the following equipment could be found in any police cruiser.
The following items are located in the front passenger compartment of the vehicle:
• Mossberg shotgun (including box of ammunition with 12 rounds; Disable Device check DC 20 to open the lock)
• Patrol box
• CB radio (professional)
• Maps (road atlas)
• GPS receiver
• Searchlight (as battery flood flashlight but double the range; mounted to vehicle)
• Pepper spray canister
• Baton (use club) or tonfa
• Flashlight (standard and 12 chemical light sticks)
• Taser (50% chance)
The following equipment is typically located in the trunk of the vehicle (Disable Device check DC 15 to open the lock):
• First-aid kit
• Basic evidence kit
• Basic toolkit (including duct tape, boltcutters, and multipurpose tool)
• Handcuffs and plastic zip ties
• Blankets
• Food (the equivalent of 2 days trail rations)
• 12 road flares
• Traffic cones
• Gas siphon
• Crime scene tape
• Portable fire extinguisher
• Trauma kit (50% chance)
• 4 tear gas canisters (50% chance)
• Spike strip (50% chance)