General Purpose Water Vehicles

Piloting a water vehicle is covered by the Drive skill. Because of their size, most large boats are more likely to be used as places to stage an adventure rather than as a vehicle to get around.
Avanti 39 Cigarette Boat
Long and sleek, this expensive and high-powered boat is designed to move fast and look good. It is commonly used for smuggling cargo between ports that are not likely to stop something that obviously belongs to an "upstanding citizen." A cigarette boat is two squares wide and eight squares long.
Fishing Trawler
Fishing trawlers are found around commercial fishing ports. They are huge boats with most of their space dedicated to equipment that harvests and stores fish. They are slow, but handle well in rough water (+2 bonus on Drive checks in rough seas). A fishing boat is four squares wide and sixteen squares long.
Tug Boat
Common around ports, tug boats help guide larger vessels to and from the docks. They are slow but incredibly powerful, being able to nudge huge ships with their oversized and overtorqued engines. A tug boat is four squares wide and eighteen squares long.