The next line of the power description gives a power's level, a number between 1 and 9 that defines the power's relative strength. This number is preceded by the name of the class whose members can manifest the power. If a power is part of a discipline's list instead of the psion's general power list, this will be indicated by the name of the discipline's specialist. The specialists a power can be associated with include Egoist (psychometabolism), Kineticist (psychokinesis), Nomad (psychoportation), Seer (clairsentience), Shaper (metacreativity), and Telepath (telepathy).
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AutohypnosisBend RealityBlue
Contingency, PsionicCraft DorjeDetect Psionics
DorjesEctoplasmic FormMagic Items For Psionic Characters
MetamorphosisMetapsionic FeatsPower Stones
Psicraft (Int; Trained Only)Psionic Item Creation FeatsSaving Throw
Scribe TattooUnbodiedUniversal Items
Use Psionic Device
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