Aura Alteration A : Repairs psyche or makes subject seem to be something it is not.
Breath of the Black Dragon A : Breathe acid for 11d6 damage.
Cloud Mind, Mass: Erase knowledge of your presence from the minds of one creature/level.
Contingency, Psionic X : Sets trigger condition for another power.
Co-opt Concentration: Take control of foe's concentration power.
Disintegrate, Psionic A : Turn one creature or object to dust.
Fuse Flesh A : Fuse subject's flesh, creating a helpless mass.
Overland Flight, Psionic: You fly at a speed of 40 ft. and can hustle over long distances.
Remote View Trap: Deal 8d6 points electricity damage to those who seek to view you at a distance.
Retrieve A : Teleport to your hand an item you can see.
Suspend Life: Put yourself in a state akin to suspended animation.
Temporal Acceleration A : Your time frame accelerates for 1 round.