Many magic items can aid psionic characters. The table below provides some possibilities.
Table: Magic-Psionics Equivalencies
Magic Item Psionic Effect
Helm of telepathy Substitute power for spell
Pearl of power Treat in all ways as a cognizance crystal with power point capacity appropriate to the equivalent power level
Crystal ball Substitute power for spell
Ioun stones
Vibrant purple Stores three levels of psionic powers
Pale lavender Absorbs powers up to 4th level (burns out as normal)
Rainbow1 Provides 5 power points per day (regenerates)
Dull gray2 Provides 1 power point to a psionic character, then disintegrates
1 New item: Treat as a cognizance crystal in ioun stone form, except that it regenerates its stored power points each day; Price 16,000 gp.
2 Dull gray stones are useless for magic but still harbor just enough resonance that a psionic character can eke out 1 power point before the stone is gone forever.