Summon Nature's Ally IX

Conjuration (Summoning) [see text]
Level: Drd 9
Effect: One or more creatures, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart
This spell functions like summon nature's ally I, except that you can summon one 9th-level creature, 1d3 8th-level creatures of the same kind, or 1d4+1 lower-level creatures of the same kind.
When you use a summoning spell to summon an air, chaotic, earth, evil, fire, good, lawful, or water creature, it is a spell of that type.
Summon Nature's Ally
1st Level
Dire rat
Eagle (animal)
Monkey (animal)
Owl (animal)
Snake, Small viper (animal)
Wolf (animal)
2nd Level
Bear, black (animal)
Crocodile (animal)
Dire badger
Dire bat
Elemental, Small (any)
Shark, Medium1(animal)
Snake, Medium viper (animal)
Wolverine (animal)
3rd Level
Ape (animal)
Dire weasel
Dire wolf
Eagle, giant [NG]
Owl, giant [NG]
Satyr [CN; without pipes]
Shark, Large1(animal)
Snake, constrictor (animal)
Snake, Large viper (animal)
4th Level
Arrowhawk, juvenile
Bear, brown (animal)
Crocodile, giant (animal)
Deinonychus (dinosaur)
Dire ape
Dire boar
Dire wolverine
Elemental, Medium (any)
Salamander, flamebrother [NE]
Sea cat1
Shark, Huge1(animal)
Snake, Huge viper (animal)
Tiger (animal)
Tojanida, juvenile1
Unicorn [CG]
Xorn, minor
5th Level
Arrowhawk, adult
Bear, polar (animal)
Dire lion
Elemental, Large (any)
Janni (genie)
Rhinoceros (animal)
Satyr [CN; with pipes]
Snake, giant constrictor (animal)
Nixie (sprite)
Tojanida, adult1
Whale, orca1(animal)
6th Level
Dire bear
Elemental, Huge (any)
Elephant (animal)
Megaraptor (dinosaur)
Octopus, giant1(animal)
Pixie* (sprite) [NG; no special arrows]
Salamander, average [NE]
Whale, baleen1
Xorn, average
*Can't cast irresistible dance
7th Level
Arrowhawk, elder
Dire tiger
Elemental, greater (any)
Djinni (genie) [NG]
Invisible stalker
Pixie* (sprite) [NG; with sleep arrows]
Squid, giant1(animal)
Triceratops (dinosaur)
Tyrannosaurus (dinosaur)
Whale, cachalot1(animal)
Xorn, elder
*Can't cast irresistible dance
8th Level
Dire shark1
Salamander, noble [NE]
Tojanida, elder
9th Level
Elemental, elder
Grig [NG; with fiddle] (sprite)
Pixie* (sprite) [NG; with sleep and memory loss arrows]
Unicorn, celestial charger
*Can cast irresistible dance
1 May be summoned only into an aquatic or watery environment.
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