Craft (Alchemy)

Task DC (or DC Modifier)
Create augmented substance +20 or more to DC
Create Augmented Alchemical Item or Substance: This requires the Augmented Alchemy feat, and allows a character to create alchemical items and substances of greater power than normal. To augment an alchemical substance, add +20 to the DC required to create the item and multiply the cost by 5. If the item or substance deals damage, double the damage dealt. If the item or substance doesn't deal damage, double the duration of its effect. If the item or substance doesn't deal damage and doesn't have a specific listed duration (or has an instantaneous duration), double all dimensions of its area. If the item or substance doesn't fit any of these categories, then it cannot be improved in this manner. A character can create an item with multiple degrees of augmentation. For every additional multiplier applied to damage, duration, or area, add an additional +20 to the DC and add an additional 5 to the cost multiplier.
Item Effect of Augmenting
Acid Direct hit 2d6, splash 2
Alchemist's fire Direct hit 2d6, splash 2
Antitoxin Duration 2 hours
Smokestick Smoke fills a 20-foot cube
Sunrod Glows for 12 hours
Tanglefoot bag Becomes brittle and fragile after 20 minutes
Tindertwig No effect
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