Slimes, Molds, and Fungi

For purposes of spells and other special effects, all slimes, molds, and fungi are treated as plants. Like traps, dangerous slimes and molds have Challenge Ratings, and characters earn experience points for encountering them.
Flux Slime (CR 21):
Flux slime appears as a clear, viscous liquid that seeps from some unseen origin point. This origin point is extradimensional, so the slime may even appear in midair. As the slime flows, it settles and fills the area around the origin point.
Flux slime seems to be an inert substance, devoid of sentience. It is not caustic or toxic, but it radiates an antimagic field within a radius of 10 feet. This antimagic field has a caster level of 21. Any quantity of slime that is removed from the main mass yellows and hardens in a matter of minutes, turning into a flaky material that will not adhere to anything.
In reality, flux slime is a growth with a ravenous appetite for magical forces. It is a natural draining phenomenon: Magical energy drains through the origin point in one direction in exchange for the residue on the far side. The antimagic field a flux slime generates is actually the byproduct of the consumption of magical energy.
In addition to the antimagic field's effects, magic items that come into contact with flux slime permanently lose their magical abilities; creatures with spell-like or super-natural abilities that come into contact with it take 2d6 points of temporary Constitution damage per round while it devours flesh; creatures without such abilities are immune to this effect.
On the first round of contact, the slime can be scraped off a creature, but after that it must be frozen, burned, or cut away (dealing damage to the victim as well). Extreme cold, heat, or sunlight destroys a patch of flux slime.
When destroyed, a patch of slime releases the byproducts of its magical digestion in a dangerous burst that radiates out 50 feet. All creatures caught in this burst are subject to some random and permanent transmutation effect, as generated on the table below. Each burst generates one of these effects. Creatures may resist this effect with a Fortitude saving throw (DC 29).
Blindness (as blindness/deafness spell)  
Cursed (as bestow curse spell; -4 enhancement penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, and skill checks)  
Deafness (as blindness/deafness spell)  
Disintegrate (subject is destroyed by a disintegrate spell)
Etherealness (as etherealness spell)
Gaseous (as gaseous form spell)
Iron body (as iron body spell)
Petrification (as flesh to stone spell)
Plane shift (subject instantly transports to a random plane)
Polymorph (as polymorph other spell; choose form randomly)
Reverse gravity (flux slime becomes the center of a reverse gravity spell).
Teleport (each subject teleports to a different, random location)
Temporal stasis (as temporal stasis spell)
Reverse aging (subject gets younger each year, disappearing at moment of "birth")  
After the burst, the extradimensional origin point is sealed.
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Slimes, Molds, And Fungi
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