The technology behind dimension gates is highly advanced. The first working gates are treated as late Progress Level 7 technology, and concerted human exploration of alternative dimensions begins at Progress Level 8. The calculations required for dimensional travel are complex, but the calculations for safe travel-arriving at the intended destination with no loss of carrier signal-are tens of thousands of times more complex.
Actually traveling through a dimension gate is easy, but changing the setting is more complex. A character must succeed on a Navigate check (DC 30) to reset the gate to a known destination; setting the gate to an unknown (but safe) destination is a DC 40 Navigate check. (These checks should be rolled secretly.) Performing either check requires 30 minutes of calibration. Of course, if the destinations have been preset, any character can change the settings as a move action without making a check.
Dimension gate generators come in a variety of forms, each operating somewhat differently.
The first dimension gate generators-appearing at Progress Level 7- are Gargantuan objects that cannot be transported once assembled. The PL 7 D-gate creates a transdimensional aperture approximately 10 feet in diameter and allows for one-way transport only. Due to the incredible power drain, the gate remains open for only 1 round, after which the generator shuts down and cannot be activated again for 24 hours.
The PL 8 D-gate is a Huge object weighing 200 pounds, but due to its bulk, the generator requires at least two people to lift and haul it. It creates a transdimensional aperture up to 20 feet in diameter, and the generator can keep the gate open for up to 10 rounds, after which the generator shuts down and cannot be activated again for 24 hours. Dimensional mapping makes calculations to reset the gate's destination easier (Navigate check, DC 25), and any given gate can store up to five predetermined destinations. Travel is still one-way, but with the larger aperture and the destination presets, the equipment to construct another D-gate can be transported through, and the travelers' home dimension can be locked into the new gate upon startup.
At PL 9, D-gates large enough to transport starships exist (although they can be almost any size), and they can store up to twenty predetermined destinations. The calculations are even easier (Navigate check, DC 20), and scientists have finally learned how to keep the gate open indefinitely. Best of all, dimensional travel through PL 9 D-gates is two-way, allowing for round trips.
Purchase DC: 54 (PL 7 D-gate generator), 48 (PL 8 D-gate generator), 46 (PL 9 D-gate generator).
Restriction: Military (+3).
The D-drive generator can be incorporated into a starship's engine design, allowing the ship to travel between dimensions. Considered the safest form of dimensional travel, D-drive generators allow ships in space to cross dimensions. Due to the enormous power drain, the Ddrive generator shuts down for 12 hours after the dimensional jump is completed. In addition, the starship's weapon systems, defense fields, defense screens, and engines shut down for 2 hours. At Progress Level 8, only Colossal starships can be fitted with a D-drive generator. Progress Level 9 sees many improvements in the D-drive generator.
Any size starship can be equipped with one, and the generator can be reactivated after 6 hours; the ship's disabled weapons, defense fields, defense screens, and engines come back online after only 10 minutes.
Purchase DC: 48 (PL 8 D-drive generator), 44 (PL 9 D-drive generator).
Restriction: Military (+3).
The dimension wand is a personal dimension gate generator. It creates a rupture in the fabric of reality just large enough for one character to step through into another dimension. The gate remains open until the wand itself passes through, so multiple characters can step through without using their own wands. The drawback to the dimension wand is that it must be recalibrated after each use (see Equipment Failure, above), or entirely new dimensional coordinates must be entered, as though changing the settings. The PL 8 version of the dimension wand weighs only 1 pound. The PL 9 version has the same purchase DC, with the added benefit that it stores the last five dimensional coordinates automatically, enabling anyone to thumb through settings without recalibrating the wand.
Weight: 1 lb.
Purchase DC: 42.
Restriction: Restricted (+2).
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