In addition to all the standard uses, this skill can be used to operate shipboard sensors as well as send, jam, scramble, and unscramble transmissions sent through space or across dimensions.
Check: The following applications of the Computer Use skill can be used untrained:
Conduct Active Sensor Scan: Using a starship's sensors to analyze another ship or object in sensory range requires a Computer Use check (DC 15). An active sensor scan conducted over a vast distance (for example, across a star system) or subjected to some form of disturbance (such as interference from a solar flare) applies a -5 or higher penalty on the check.
Send Transmission: Routine communications (hailing a nearby ship, using a subspace or dimensional transceiver, and so on) are accomplished with a Computer Use check (DC 10). Communications sent over incredibly long distances (such as between star systems) are subject to distortion; correcting that distortion to ensure a message reaches its intended destination requires a successful Computer Use check (DC 20).
The following applications of the Computer Use skill can't be used untrained:
Jam Transmission: This skill can be used to prevent a ship or facility from receiving an incoming transmission. An opposed Computer Use check between the individual receiving the message and the individual attempting to jam the message determines whether or not the message gets through. If an unmanned computer receives the transmission, jamming the transmission requires a Computer Use check (DC 15).
Scramble/Unscramble Transmission: Computer Use can be used to scramble a transmission. This is done with an opposed Computer Use check between the individual sending the message and anyone attempting to intercept or unscramble it.
Time: Scrambling or unscrambling a transmission are all full-round actions. Conducting an active sensor scan or sending/ jamming a transmission is a move action.
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