Satellite Datalink

At the dawn of the Information Age, the value of knowledge and accurate intelligence became a crucial aspect of warfare. The ability to connect to a global communications network was critical to the success of any army, as intelligence traveled at the speed of light across the globe to command centers safe behind defended battle lines. The satellite datalink gadget enables any piece of equipment, from computer to communication device to heads-up display, to connect to a global (or, if in place, galactic) satellite network and communicate with computer systems in far remote areas.
Restrictions: This gadget may only be used with gear containing computerized communications equipment.
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.

Storage Compartment

Like the gadget used for armor, the ability to store and carry small items in a safe place can sometimes be of critical importance. The storage compartment gadget accomplishes just that, incorporating an empty space where other objects can be carried with relative ease. Each storage compartment gadget allows the wearer to carry two items of size Small or smaller in a container built into the piece of equipment. This gadget may be taken multiple times, each time providing another compartment where small items may be carried.
Restrictions: None.
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.
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