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A few types of vehicles don't fit neatly into the categories covered above. Many of these (such as the armored truck and the limousine) are usually custom built, so the model name isn't specified as it is with most other vehicles in this section. The description and stats reflect a typical model.
Armored Truck
Used to transport money between businesses and financial institutions, armored trucks are designed to deter would-be thieves. The truck has three doors and firing ports that allow the crew to use their firearms without leaving the vehicle. The armored truck is two squares wide and four squares long. It provides nine-tenths cover for its occupants. It is equipped with puncture-resistant tires.
Honda TRX400FW
This all-terrain vehicle is something like a four-wheeled motorcycle. It is one square wide and two squares long. It provides no cover for its riders.
A limousine is a big, comfortable car. The statistics given are for a moderate-sized vehicle, rather than a stretch limo or a conventional car with a professional driver. Limousines feature virtually every available luxury feature, often including televisions and small refrigerators. A partition divides the front seat from the rest of the vehicle. A limousine is two squares wide and five squares long. It provides three-quarters cover for its occupants.
Moving Truck
This is a large cargo truck used to move furniture or deliver freight. Trucks of this sort are often available as rentals. A moving truck is two squares wide and five squares long. It provides three-quarters cover for occupants in the cab and full cover for any in the back.
NABI Model 40LFW
This is a typical city bus. It has a door at the front and a second door about halfway down the right-hand side. This vehicle is two squares wide and eight squares long. It provides three-quarters cover for crew and passengers.
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