Most medium armor (except for the archaic chainmail shirt) is not terribly heavy, but nonetheless provides a significant amount of protection-at the expense of some speed.
Concealable Vest
Standard issue in many police forces, this vest provides maximum protection in a garment that can be worn all day long under regular clothing. While it may go unnoticed by a quick glance, it is usually visible to anyone looking closely for it, granting a +4 bonus on Spot checks to notice the armor.
Chainmail Shirt
This medieval-era armor is a long shirt made of interlocking metal rings, with a layer of padding underneath. It's heavy, making it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.
Light-Duty Vest
A lightweight tactical vest designed for extended use by riot police and forces on alert for potential attack, this armor sacrifices a degree of protection for a modicum of comfort-at least compared to other tactical body armors.
Tactical Vest
The standard body armor for police tactical units, this vest provides full-torso protection in the toughest flexible protective materials available.
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